Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Tag! I'm it!

The lovely Chantal Butcher at Interior Dreaming and Styled Baby tagged me the other day. Sooo, here's a little bit about me...

What were you doing 10 years ago? I was 21, living at home and a newspaper journalist with aspirations to work for TIME magazine (!). In-between all serious and usually depressing police and court reporting, I'd just started dating my now-hubby Steve, spent way too much money on clothes from Portmans and make-up, and even went out occassionally. In high heels.

Five items on your to-do list today?

1. Buy a pressie for my brother-in-law Pete (kind of done - mother-in-law bought on our behalf!)
2. Buy another blind for the bedroom (still uncrossed. Stupid Freedom closed down near me for a few weeks... Grr)
3. Finish weekend project (one part is done!)
4. Sign agency agreement and send off for sale of investment property (well it's signed...)
5. Finish answering Natalie's questions for mini profile and attempt to make myself sound half intelligent. (questions answered, just not sent off. they're coming nat!)
Hmm, not a very successful to-do list was it?!

Snacks you enjoy?
Chocolate, ice cream and cake. I've a sweet tooth. And lots of fillings. And more to come if I ever work up the courage to go back to the dentist who told me five years ago he'd fill the "small hole" when I returned...

What would you do if you were a billionaire?
Oooh, aside from the obvious "looking after family and giving some to charity" I'd...
* Throw money at Anthropologie to open stores here in Oz - cause we need them here. And I think this would count as charity too!
* Buy holiday homes all over the world and play decorator as much as I liked.
* Buy Liverpool FC for Steve so he could play manager as much as he liked - he's already an expert (on his computer game anyway)

Where would you live?
Am I still a billionaire? If so, I'd by an absolute beachfront home outside of the city and a helicopter to chopper me in to work! If I'm my normal poor self, I'm rather happy where I am in my rather sleepy little town on the NSW central coast - for now!

Who will I pass this on to?
Not sure who's done it and who hasn't, but Natalie at Daily Imprint cause with a newborn she has HEAPS of time on her hands, and Georgia at The Musings of a Betty Homemaker cause she's a newbie blogger and was worried noone would visit her site. So go check her out!

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Pinto and Max said...

Thanks for the promo!! I had better get blogging if people are coming to look!

Love the heart cushion BTW!