Friday, 25 July 2008

my new old chairs

One of two recliners I nicked from nana

This is one half of my new project: turning my Nana's chairs into something spectacular. Hopefully. My grandparents were given them by their children eons ago as a present and I very rudely asked if I could have them. Well, I did offer to buy them (if she didn't use them and was happy to part with them) but she's too nice to let me so I'll have to think of something nice to do in return.

Side view: they recline - yay!

While visiting with the babies last week I took a quick pic of one of them. They need a fair bit of work - Nana recovered them ages ago herself - the foam might need replacing and the wood will be sanded back and restained. However, I'm all excited about the challenge and can't wait to see them sitting in front of my living room windows/front door. I was going to go a white colour for the cushions cause that's my normal first boring solution to everything. BUT I fell in love with these pics of blue chairs and think they'd look excellent in a turquoise fabric with the wood stained a mid-brown. So, I'm actually going to get a little colourful and not just because Lou has blue chairs (although seeing hers did kick off the idea).

Love this colour. Pic stolen from Danielle's site

Hopefully mine will turn out this well. From DesignSponge

My friend Lou's cool turquoise chairs in the background inspired me to try a colour for once

Now I just need to bribe one of my brothers-in-law or cousin to bring them up to me (they have very handy 4WDs with ute tray thingy-me-bobs. My car is so tiny and full of baby seats you can't even fit a skinny 6-year-old in the back middle seat. We tried.). So the search for the perfect turquoise fabric begins...
Have a great weekend!


Pinto and Max said...

I can't wait to see the finished product!!

Amanda said...

I love those chairs, they'll come up beautiful. What a lovely Nana you have.