Tuesday, 15 July 2008

weekend project: heart cushion

How great does this look? Wish this was my version! Mine is below... From Design*Sponge

On the subject of ripping people off... I saw this before/after on design*sponge on Friday and had to have it. All of it actually - I think I'll cover my nanna's chairs a blue like this. But in the meantime, I just copied the cushion. As best I could.

My heart cushion - I painted it freehand. Pretty good shape me thinks!

This started out as a stencilled "Amor Vincit Omnia" which is Latin for "Love conquers all" but the so-called fabric paint I used (which turned out to be a dye and not very useful) bled with my very dodgy stencil (a paper print out of the words I cut out with a ruler and razor blade!) and so I just painted the heart over it with acrylic paint. I ended up trying the text again with the acrylic and it turned out beautifully - I just haven't turned it into a cushion yet, so stay tuned...


Amanda said...

Wow, I love your heart cushion! Great freehand work.

Unknown said...

Yours looks exactly the same! Good job!!!!


cstar said...

That looks gorgeous! Great work!