Friday, 18 July 2008

quick plug: printdolls

Alice's gorgeous home, as featured in Real Living June 2008 issue

Ever seen these awesome bus-stop signs in cool homes featured in magazines? Been annoyed that they were "vintage eBay finds" and therefore unlikely to be making their way into your house anytime soon? Then here is a link for you: PrintDolls. Started up by a very clever and stylish former colleague of mine - Alice Flynn - and her friend, Marika Jarv, PrintDolls is a design label that creates beautiful screenprinted artworks of old-fashioned bus-destination scrolls in graphic black and white typography. The website just launched this month and has several different destination "All Stops To..." works available featuring Sydney and Melbourne suburbs with more to come. How great does it look in her house? Might have to add one to my "to-buy" list...


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean, Belinda - those things are gorgeous. I have two 6 foot bus scrolls hanging in my lounge at the moment; they're originals and I've had them for about fifteen years. My grandfather used to work on the trams and buses, and he kept a number of these scrolls which were passed on to my sister and I. I kept them rolled up in storage until this year, when I had a few of them cut to size and stretched on to frames. It was a bit costly but *so* worth it. Mine are South Australian, and the suburbs listed on the scrolls I have hanging in my lounge are ones local to me now. I love the vintage black/white typography design and everyone who comes to the house always comments! It's nice too that they've got a family connection.

Ninka said...

Thanks for posting these Belinda, they are just gorgeous. My husband and I are currently arguing over which one the get! I grew up in Avalon, he loves Bondi, we currently live near Subiaco and spend holidays at Margaret River! So all those four "speak" to us :) I think I'm going to win with Northern Beaches though ;)

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

Hmmive been wanting one of these ever since i saw it in AU. Vogue or Inside out magazine, cant remember which.

Thanks for the site intro, hadn't heard of it.

hope all is well with your new baby girl : )

Jen Ramos
'100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards & More'

Anonymous said...

At last! I have been checking their site ever since that copy of Rea Living came out! Its hard to choose though - Brunswick (inc. Fitzroy) where we had our first date, Sandy (where hubby lived, and has The Espy on it!), or Margaret River (where we spent our honeymoon!) I think we will get one of these as our 2nd wedding anniversary present to each other!