Monday, 12 January 2009

welcome back!

How I spent my holidays: lazing around home chilling out. Only not quite so glamourously... Maybe next summer when I get a daybed! Image via The Names Agency

How was your break? I'm happy to report I pretty much did absolutely nothing and barely crossed a thing off my to-do list. It was heaven being so lazy. I'm not one for making new year's resolutions, so none of that here, but I will take this opportunity to tell you a little about where I'm headed in blogland. I've been thinking recently about what direction I want to take with my blog. It started out as a record of my renovations and attempts at creating a home, but as I'm sure you're aware has taken off in different tangents at times. Then I started mini meez to satisfy the mum side of me, but I'm finding more and more than I really want to merge the two a little and focus on family/home life. And seeing as I'm also now going to be partly looking after the Real Living blog also, three is way too many for one already-busy person! So, as of today, I'm not writing mini meez anymore. I'm also going to be making a few tiny changes here in terms of content and eventually - if I get my act together - I'll be redirecting you to another blog altogther which I really hope you'll continue to read. But until then, I'll do my best to stay true to the title and post pretty pics, ideas and of course my never-ending renovation. However, they might be a little sporadic (what's new!?!) - between the blogs, the website, writing for the mag, looking after the bubs and renovating, my time is greatly stretched. I do see a light though - the kitchen cabinets are being delivered tomorrow, the electrician is upgrading our power box Wednesday and the appliances will be here within the week. Hoo-bloody-ray!

One more thing: if you've been re-reading older posts, you might have noticed the pics of kids are missing. I'd love to continue to share them with you, but I was always a bit nervous about posting them and then lately certain things have happened, certain thoughts have crept into my mind and certain people have helped me decide that it's time to keep them a little more anonymous. The baby pics are still there, but everything else I've taken down. They'll still make appearances, but I'll just have to be a little more creative from now on!

Ok, seriousness over, let's blog! Bx


lisa tilse said...

Hi Belinda, sounds like you are super busy! I love Inchmark too by the way... gorgeous! The anonymity of our children is a big one. I know that Brooke of Inchmark keeps her kids anonymous, as do some others, and of course many others don't. It's something I have struggled with for quite a while too. I thought it was just me being a bit paranoid, but now that I have read this post of yours I am rethinking my decision to have pics of Roxy on my blog. Something I'll have to give even more thought to...

Happy new year.

belinda graham said...

Hi Lisa! Yes, it's a bit of a head spinner this topic. As I said, I was always a bit worried, and then I started having bad dreams about it and horrid thoughts would creep into my mind... I was talking to Nat at Daily Imprint the other day about how I wanted to take them down (who, funnily, enough, has posted about it today too) and she mentioned something that happened to her - minor, but still, the fact so many people can find out so much info about you with google search is a little terrifying. Especially when my home is posted and people know where I work. So while the chances of crazy people finding this blog and doing something about it are slim, it's still a chance and I love my family too much to risk it. The way Brooke has shot her kids has inspired me to get a bit more creative so I think I'll stick with this plan for now! I'm not adverse to them being shot for the mag again, if that happens, but having pics floating around cyberspace is a little too easily accessible!

lisa tilse said...

I've read Natalie's post now too, and I did recently remove the identifiable images of my daughter, but I am now seriously considering editing out her name too. Thanks for making me pause for thought again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Belinda,

I'm going through the exact same thing. I've finally got my website ( but I'm afraid of my blog (being so absolutely personal, sometimes TOO personal) is sharing too many details with the world. But then thats why I have so many readers... but do I want them to know so much.

I have 3 years of history, sometimes 2-3 posts a day on my blog. I'd have to make it completely private and block all my lovely readers and end up starting a new "less detailed" blog. sigh.

Anyway, i hear ya. The revamp sounds like a plan. Just know I'm right there with you. Are you sticking to blogger or moving to typepad or wordpress? Would love your opinion. Enjoy those cabinets ;)

belinda graham said...

Hey Danielle! Yep, the invite-only would limit readership but I guess it depends what you want from your blog. I signed up to wordpress for the .com and then instantly regretted it because the templates are crap and the only way to customise is to have knowledge of something called CSS which, basically, looks harder to learn than Japanese! So I'll prob end up sticking to blogger - I don't really have time to be learning another new thing anyway!! I've since learnt it's possible to transfer all your posts to another blogger blog if you wanted to do that and then keep your first one a little less personal. PD: Haven't forgotten your photography stuff. Will get to the post office one of these days! x

Anonymous said...

Yeah I was thinking wordpress too, but I think I've mastered blogger so maybe it's a idea to stick with a good thing.

No drama's about equipment, no rush. It's thoughtful enough that you offered.

Anonymous said...

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