Friday, 23 January 2009

sneak peek: real living march issue

March 2009: it's all about pattern on pattern on the cover

I know what you're thinking: it's still January and the March issue is hitting shelves on Monday? Ker-azy! Good for you readers who get another issue filled with goodies, but horrid for those working on it who had to work over Christmas to get it to the printers on time. Hopefully the April issue is a longer deadline... Here are a few pages to take you into the weekend. A little bit teasy, isn't it? Unless of course you subscribed - my mother-in-law got hers on Tuesday!

Tie-dye is, erm, leaving its mark on homewares

Office spaces you'll want to work in

Small-space tricks and plenty of eye candy

I didn't post too much exciting stuff this week, so apologies. I've been working crazily. But I have a few projecty things to show you soon. And if I can ever get hold of my builder, we should have a kitchen reno happening SOON. Hooray! Have a great weekend and happy Australia Day for Monday!


Room design studio said...

this cover is lovely!! the grey and purple/violet/lavender is my favorite combination !!

Dallas Shaw said...

Thanks for the sneak peek! I had some illutrations in RL a while ago, and I hope to get featured soon.(praying) It's so hard to get the mag here though! lol


Anonymous said...

looks as ever full of inspiration, can't wait to get it


Anthea said...

This month and last month's issues were great - definitely my two favourites since I started subscribing a year ago.

james said...

anyone know where the desk is from?

Anonymous said...