Friday, 16 January 2009

ice treat #1: rocket ice blocks

I tried to get Z zooming it around, but he's not a very pilot. Oh wait - astronaut, right?

Apologies to those of you rugged up in your woollies watching snow fall outside, but over here, we've been sweltering in close to 40C heat. And nearly have to eat the entire contents of one's fridge and freezer when all the air conditioners in the area overload the power and cause a blackout. So to celebrate this typical Aussie summer, I thought I'd share some yummy icy treats we've been making in our house. It seems my love of frozen things has rubbed off on my son. He's obsessed with ice blocks, ice, frozen peas... So much so that the first thing I hear in the morning after "Hi Mum, I see Daddy and L?" is "Ice block? Please?" When I say no, he asks for ice. And damn our upside-down fridge, because I quite often find him sitting on the floor attempting to break up the ice cubes himself (cause they're too big for his mouth!). Anyway, Santa heard about this ice block obsession and stuffed his sack with these cool rocketship moulds from Chalet, $14. And here is what we fill them with...

Tingly tangly rockets
1 large orange, juiced (I do it by hand)
1 melon, chopped
1/4 fresh pineapple, chopped
Throw it all in a blender and whip up until smooth. You might need a dash of water to thin it out a tiny bit. Then pour into the moulds and freeze

Berry nice rockets
Half a punnet of strawberries
1/2 frozen raspberries
A nice large scoop of vanilla ice cream
Whip up in the blender, add some milk to thin if you wish then pour into moulds. This is a really yummy smoothie too, just add more milk.

These make six rocket ships. And one word on these Chalet moulds: the sticks that come with it catch all the drips, which is good in theory but in reality, it just means messy spillage when little kids zoom their ice blocks around. Also makes it impossible to eat the bottom of the ice block cause the stick is wider than the rocket. Annoying. So I just stick in some normal paddle pop sticks - the mixture is so thick, they stand up halfway despite them being shorter than the mould. And yes I know all this because I eat more of them than Z!


Anonymous said...

ohh they sounds good. We've been stocking up on the frozen treats too lately.

alex brooks said...

I want one right now ... now ... before my children steal the air-conditioner remote control and turn it up to 30 degrees (like they did yesterday)

belinda graham said...

Oh maybe your children visited me the other day? Mine was also on 30! Lucky I saw before I pressed it on! Naughty little fingers obsessed with buttons..!

che carina! said...

hi there, are you able to tell me where you bought those fab rocket moulds?

belinda graham said...

Hi Che - I got them from Chalet. They make all those canfy-coloured silocone cookware and kitchen accessories. I've seen them several times in shopping centres - not an actual shop, but more stalls in the walkways. I tried to google them for a website but couldn't find anything and I've thrown out the box for contact details! sorry!!! MAybe try your local westfields?

Anonymous said...

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