Wednesday, 14 January 2009

tiny chairs are taking over my house

I can just see L all dressed up in her pretty yellow frock rocking away in here clutching a doll or some sort and sipping a pretend cup of tea. Cu-ute!

It's true. Soon, they will out-number adult-sized chairs. At the moment, we have 8: a Stokke Tripp Trapp (with another one to come soonish), two wooden Ikea ones that came with a mini table, a child-sized green suede armchair, a little wooden antique chair painted turquoise, a purple Bumbo, a black bouncer and now this little wooden rocking chair - my fave! I just need a baby-sized Cape Cod chair to match my own one and I'll be happy. Oh and maybe a tiny Eames rocker - anyone know if they exist?

But back to this little rocker. I'd just spent a few thousand at Harvey Norman on kitchen appliances when I decided to pop into a cute little baby store around the corner from it. This was the first thing I saw. I ooohed and ahhed, but decided I couldn't really hide it (as, um, I often do with some purchases. Then when the hubby finally gets around to noticing it I can say "had it for aaaaaaaaaaages". Naughty.) and told the lady so. But then she knocked off a huge chunk of the price and I practically robbed her at $60. How could I say no? Especially when you compare it the last purchase's receipt! The store is a must-see if you're on or near the central coast - it's called Blossom Bubbas (ph: 02 4367 6900) and stocks a beautiful collection of children's decor, clothing and gifts, including Oobi Baby and Lilly & Lolly as well as local crafties who've started their own lines and are just adorable like Four Little Cupcakes and Little Buddha.

And just because little baby wardrobes are too cute, here is the contents of L's. She likes to shop at Country Road, Pure Baby, Oobi Baby, Cotton On Kids and Pumpkin Patch. Well, her mum and aunties do anyway. The little yellow cardigan was made by my Nana. I "bagsed it" years before I even fell pregnant the first time with Z!

The chair has since moved into the already-overflowing-with-chairs living room because from lunchtime yesterday, this same space now looks like this:

My new kitchen - you like?

Oh yes, my kitchen cabinets, benchtop, sink and tap arrived. Fifty two boxes. The poor guys couldn't fit the truck through the gates so had to park in the street and walk alllll the way down the driveway, and then along the obstacle course of a deck into our bedroom where they're being stored until it's ready to go (hopefully a couple of weeks only). And it was HOT. So anyway, there were two young, hot sweaty men in my bedroom for a while yesterday. How horrid for me!


A-M said...

The cutest little chair! Love the kitchen! Surely you don't have to open all those boxes!? A-M xx

Amanda said...

I love that tiny chair! And what a bargain.

Miss L's little wardrobe is too cute! I love the little yellow number.

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! I'm excited and its not even my kitchen. I CANT WAIT to see the result. That chair is TOTALLY adorable. L is a very lucky girl to have a mummy so obsessed with teeny chairs lol. I have one from when I was younger, a little cane rattan chair... held together with masking tape... but i still cherish it.

Melissa said...

I too would have trouble passing by. That chair is so cute, I love it!

Bespoke Press said...

such a cute chair.

And so shocking to have young fit men in your bedroom. I hope you made them freshly squeezed lemonade and wore your cutest frock!

belinda graham said...

oh yes, A-M. I will be opening and building a lot of the cabinets, prob with my dad. But I'm trying not to think too much about that! Just hope the damn thing turns out ok for all my readers' sakes as well as my own, of course! Ha!
And alischa - no frock or lemonade. Just iced water while sporting some of L's pureed sweet potato on my white singlet. Pure glamour!

Anonymous said...


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