Tuesday, 18 November 2008

my latest inspiration: poppies for grace

Here's a pretty special way to show off the kids' artwork!

If their products and gorgeous website aren't enough proof the women behind beautiful stationery line Poppies for Grace are creative gurus, these pics of their stands at trade fairs will be. I think you can tell an individual's passion for their product in the way they promote it and Alana and Sara have plenty of it. I love how they've gone over and beyond setting up a stall - what store wouldn't want to carry their pretty range of stationery, invitations and cards? I so would if I had a shop. And I'd ask them to decorate it for me too! These three images have inspired my upcoming decoration attempt of Zak and Layla's joint room. I can't quite believe it's time to do that already, but Layla is quickly outgrowing her cradle. Stay tuned for that one!

How cute are these bird houses?

I love the writing on the wall, the picture wall, the birdies... everything! All pics from Poppies for Grace

Coincidentally, I was planning to post a little tutorial tomorrow of a really easy project from the current issue of Real Living. While checking out their blog today, I realised the project was from them to begin with!


Steph Bond said...

I also love Poppies For Grace and great minds think alike - also blogged about them this week. The wedding invitations are fab too! I'd love to work from an orchard...

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