Wednesday, 5 November 2008

how's this for a picture wall?

I spy... the Mona Lisa... and Deborah Harry... and possibly Brigitte Bardot? Image from Gaellele Boulicaut

How long do you think it took them to do? It looks rather cool in pictures, but in real life? I think I'd feel a little claustophobic. But a great way to keep the kids busy: just ask them to find Wally. I bet he's there somewhere - everyone else seems to be!
In case you're wondering, I haven't given up on my house. Completely. We did actually buy a new display cabinet at the weekend for a naked corner of our living room and have half-painted the chocolate brown wall with a stone paint. It was meant to be purpley grey, but it's.... purple. Of course. I THINK it'll turn out ok - I HOPE it'll turn out ok - but I won't show pics until it's finished because so far, after one and a half coats it's rather hideous. We decided the rough look was the way to go - to cover the damaged walls and also bring a little texture in. But has anyone used this stuff? It's like applying sunscream to sandy skin. Ugh.
And also, I'm still planning the kitchen. To be honest, I haven't done a thing about it for months as so much going on here (and my builder is away for several more weeks), but I'm doing the Ikea run again this weekend in an attempt to match up my paint to one of the cupboard doors. My goal to have it all done by Christmas is slowly vanishing... Oh well, perhaps it'll become a New Year's resolution! But I'm curious: am I alone in taking my sweet time to finish things? How do you go about a project?

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