Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Eye candy: French style

Ooh Paris. I need to go again. My own memories are not so great due to the fact some crazy lady attacked my 11-year-old self at one of the Metro stations. It was actually rather amusing but when I think of Paris, I think of crazy, smelly, punching lady. I am, however, jumping on the Eiffel Tower decor bandwagon and had my parents pick me up a little statue while there last month.

I have to admit my complete ignorance here: when I think French interiors, I picture milky whitewashed furniture, Louis chairs, ornate chandeliers. And then I actually visited a few French homes via French Elle Decor and guess what I saw? These beautiful, unique and fabulously decorated homes. Not a chandelier or Louis chair among them. Instead, quirky collectibles, fairy lights, fab vintage pieces and oodles of style. I think I love! Enjoy...

"A" is for awesome style

Dark and dramatic. Love the fairy lights

These paper people would give me nightmares but I quite like the unusual pinboard

More fairy lights! And a coffee table that might just have been a crate.

Great shelving unit

My childhood bed used to look like this! But with a guard rail (my god how could anyone go up there without one? Even to sit?), a lot less cool furniture and much more mess.

A little quirky, a lot cool

Old school desks look good anywhere

Sometimes collectibles don't work as display items. But these do

I've seen a fair few black kitchens lately. They're making me rethink my own. AGAIN! All images from French Elle


A-M said...

You're not the only one who thinks chandeliers, Louis chairs and white stuff when it comes to French interiors... I also think of lots of guilding too! So nice to see what the real French are doing! A-M xx

AnastasiaC said...

lovely rooms...lots of quirky yet personal touches! nice!

la la Lovely said...

Love all the images.. especially the top one with all of the eiffel towers and all of the fairy lights (still love how you and the Brits call them fairy lights and to us they are just Christmas lights). Makes me want to wrap up a branch and hang it in the house somewhere!
Oh - and thank you for the fabric suggestions.. had not heard of Mod Green Pod - pretty fab! I love it!

x Trina

ps - the poster has been shipped so keep an eye out!!

belinda graham said...

thanks guys. yeah mod green pod is great, i actually really wanted to use their wallpaper in my bedroom but couldn't get and then changed my mind (oh what, you're shocked about that?!!) so it didn't happen!

Lanne Beattie said...

Love the angel mirrors, .. black kitchen rocks - but I wonder how practical it is? Look great tho!

.. now.. how could I get one of those shelving units.. Mmmm it is brilliant!