Monday, 10 November 2008

latest obsession: angel wings

So-pretty mirrors from Graham & Green

Not the angel itself, mind you, just its wings! It all started with the Urban Outfitter's angel wing hook I saw on eBay. I thought it'd look nice on the wall above Layla's bed as art, not as a hook. But the shipping was more than the actual item so I looked around for others on my own soil. Found! Via Have You Met Miss Jones. Only they were a dollar shy of THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS and I cannot justify that. They are lovely though. Then I thought maybe I could find some moulds and make them myself with plaster or concrete. Do you think this is possible? Nope. The ones I did finally find were about five centimetres long, so not quite the statement I was after! So, I'm still searching. And in my searches I've found other cool angel wing things. Aren't they heavenly? What's your latest obsession you find yourself Googling whenever you get a spare second?

The source of the obsession: Urban Outfitters Angel Wing Hook on eBay
The ones I really want: bone china wings from Have You Met Miss Jones

Coffee-lover's idea of heaven: angel-wing cups from Venucci

More hooks, from Rockett St George

Dainty. Pretty. Perfect. From Etsy seller Luxe Deluxe

Oooh, I think I need for my own little angel - they have shirts for kiddies too. From Cloud 9 Design Studio


viera said...

Hi Belinda, I understand your obsession with the wings. I love them as well. Please check my blog in my shop section I have one I think you might like.

la la Lovely said...

You might have started something here!!!!! Love that little hook and the cup and the onsie ..all of it!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous.. I always ebay google blue glass, it's been a habit of mine for years lol

Amanda said...

Beautiful! I love the venetian mirror angel wings in the first picture. I hope you find some one day. x

Viv said...

So pretty. I've had the Graham & Green mirrors on my "Wish I could have but never will" list for a while now. How great does it look against the panelled wall?

Christmas is coming Belinda - maybe you can start dropping hints to family and friends about the bone china wings? :)

They are beautiful but imagine if one fell off the wall (as is very likely for me).

Anonymous said...

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