Wednesday, 19 November 2008

2 easy projects

A stylish way to count the sleeps until Christmas. Pic from The Red Thread blog

1. DIY advent calendar
For as long as I can remember, Christmas was always counted down in our place with an advent calendar. We had a really cute one from Germany for years that didn't have treats in it, but tiny little toys you put on display in the appropriate window. This was our favourite. Until the chocolate ones came along. I've noticed they're not the most attractive things, though, are they? So I was happy to see this little project last week by Lisa Tilse, the clever artist behind the The Red Thread. She'd been winging it and writing about it as she went, and I noticed this morning she'd finished. Isn't it beautiful? She swears it's not that hard to do, so I want to give it a go as soon as this deadline is out of the way (it always seems like I'm on deadline, doesn't it? Was a very short month this time, new issue out Monday). You can find out what you need and how to do it right here.

Book-page envelopes. Sooo easy.

2. Storybook envelopes
The end result is in the Chrissy issue of Real Living, but here is a little how-to. If you have children and if they're anything like my son, you'll know that there's only so many times you can stickytape a ripped-out page back into a book before it falls apart completely.

You'll need: a book page (or photocopied page, gift wrap, scrapbooking paper etc), scissors, glue and an old envelope

So if you have random pages lying around the house or books beyond repair, put them to good use: turn them into an envelope and mail them off to the grandparents with a little note inside from their favourite little person.

Step 1: Open up a used envelope (it's all about recycling) so it's completely unfolded and lay on top of the page (or photocopied page) you want to use.

Step 2: Cut around the envelope shape.

Step 3: Fold all the flaps so it's an envelope shape. Glue the two side flaps, fold the bottom up and stick in place. Fill with goodies and glue the top flap down to seal.

Chances are, there won't be much room on the front for writing an address, so to ensure it's clear for the postie to deliver, pop on a sticky label or glue on a piece of plain white paper for the address label.

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I'm going to make that advent as well. I love it so, SO much!

Natalie Walton said...

Ooooohh. What a fabulous job Lisa has done.

la la Lovely said...

Belinda.. you have to check out these giant angel wings.. thought of you! :)

Peachy Keen said...

So inspired for Christmas!

Now Belinda, I am very sorry to have to do this like this, but my email is not working (and hasn't worked for about a month GAH!) but I remember AGES ago, you asked for people to contact you with before and after pics. Well, I FINALLY took some, and uploaded them to Flickr. Here is the link for you

APologies for the quality of the pics. Photography is NOT my strong point!

belinda graham said...

hi peachy - they're great!! can you email me at please? thanks x

trina - no link?!?!?! am dying to see!! heh