Monday, 24 November 2008

real living december issue

Oooh so summery! Out now!

Feel like you just got the Chrissy issue? Yes, it's only been three weeks. Which means everyone worked like mad people to get this to the printers in time. And just to keep us extra busy, we also had to put together a fabulous cookbook too as a free gift to you - even subscribers!!!! Hooray! So enjoy!

Bonus summer cookbook

The website is also up - I'm slowly working on a few changes. This month I've introduced a blog list - I'll add to it every month, so keep an eye out - your own blog just might pop up there soon. There is also a real reader's Chrissy room. And I'm also - FINALLY! - working on an image gallery so you'll get to see a fair few more of the pics online from the mag in the near future. Now if I can just get the site redesigned as well... Oh, and be sure to head there for a cool kikki.K giveaway too.

Make an earring display

How to create a party room

Make over a living room in a weekend. All images from Real Living magazine

And of course, don't forget to let us know your thoughts.
PS: Go here to find out where to buy a super-cheap leather Moroccan ottoman like the one in the second picture. I'm expecting mine to arrive any day now. In white, of course!


Amanda said...

Thankyou so much for the Blog Love, Belinda! It was such a lovely surprise.

I received my magazine on Friday so poured over the pages all weekend. I love the free recipe book; the passionfruit ice-cream is one of my favourite RL recipes.

I love the feature with Kat Macleod. I love her art.

Amanda xx

Romana said...

Thanks for the reminder about the Dec issue! Looking forward to picking it up this week :) (Especially after not being able to find the Christmas issue anywhere in southern Adelaide - my sister is sending a copy from Sydney!).


belinda graham said...

you're most welcome amanda!
romana, do you think they sold out or just didn't have it to begin with? hopefully they sold out - that'd be great news for us (but obviously bad news for you!)

Romana said...

Well I would like to think they had sold out before I got there, but honestly, I started looking from when you mentioned it on your blog a few weeks back and haven't been able to find it. I looked in the normal places I would pick the monthly editions up (two local supermarkets and three newsagencies I visit). Either they didn't stock many copies or maybe not at all? I'm just happy my sister is sending me over a copy :)

la la Lovely said...

Sorry Belinda.. sometimes my fingers go faster than my brain -ha!
here's the link...

lara said...

for some reason, my local newsagent doesn't have this issue??? bummer.