Thursday, 27 November 2008

twinkle twinkle little lights

Love is... this pretty sparkling fairy-light canvas. Sure beats a lamp! Image from Apartment Therapy

I was happy to see my paper-covered plywood letter included on One Pretty Thing the other day. But I was even more excited to see this amazingly beautiful lightscape. Fairy lights (or, for Trina, Christmas lights!) have become popular away from the Chrissy tree, entertainment deck and the Griswald family's house exterior. They're often pinned to the wall in a tree-like pattern, hung over vanities or mirrors or wrapped around stair railings. But I love this the most: basically, little holes have been made in an art canvas in a pretty pattern with the little light bulbs pushed through. I imagine the back of the canvas is one huge mess, but the front is divine. How AWESOME would this look hung from the ceiling in a kids room? You can find the instructions here.

But this is just one pretty thing on One Pretty Thing and if you haven't discovered it yet, set aside a few hours because you'll be there for a while: it's crammed full of great projects, tutorials and freebies around the world wide web. Your to-do list will never be blank again!


jess said...

I love this!! One thing though.. do you think it would be a fire risk?

LOVE the blog!!

belinda graham said...

hmm not sure. i did think about that but to be honest, the pretty twinkly lights distracted my sensible thinking. i don't think it would be too much different to the risk they pose while in a tree. and you wouldn't have it on all the time, but i'm certainly no expert!!

jess said...

Your right.. about the same as if they were in a tree.. I'll be careful, I am so doing this.. lovely..!