Wednesday, 26 November 2008

decorators i'd like to hire

Love this little display. I just bought some gorgeous Moroccan Tea Glasses from Mighty Leaf (they'll be up on their site any day). I just might need to add to the collection with a few different ones and throw a cast-iron teapot into the mix to re-create this look!

Yesterday I fell in love with some images on Desire To Inspire by interior stylists Krakvik & D'Orazio. Of course they're from Norway - the best seem to be from that part of the world! - so I can't call them up to get them to work their magic on my place. But I did check out their website to see if they had any more pretty pics and from what I can gather, from following some links and my non-existent knowledge of Dutch, they've styled out an apartment complex (or possibly just the display homes). And each apartment style is very, very stylish as you can see here. I love their mix of old and new in the first one. I'm ready to move into any one of them, how about you?

Apartment 1: Light & airy

Apartment 2: dramatic and feminine

Apartment 3: family friendly

All images from Krakvik & D'Orazio and Rosenhoff Fabrikker

Check out the above links for more pics and another cool apartment.

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