Tuesday, 11 November 2008

have a very etsy christmas!

I wanted everything from this store - Maka Le Wakan - but alas, most of it is unable to be shipped to Australia thanks to our strict quarantine laws. Grr. I especially love the little wooden gift tags or ornaments with berries.

Christmas at Etsy is shaping up to be a bit lovely! Here are a few goodies I spotted in recent days to decorate your tree, your door, your home for the silly season.

1. By The Sea pendant by Kim Westad 2. Ceramic peace doves (set of three) from Mud Puppy 3. Whirl Ornament by Kim Westad 4. Crocheted bell ornaments by Tiny Little Stitches

1. Dried flower wreath by Dancing Circle 2. Fabric bird ornament by Textile Style 3. Stocking made from recycled man's suit coat by Mandinka Designs 4. Rustic snowflake ornaments by Flying V Designs

1. Rusty Cowgirl Ornaments by Nesta USA 2. Tiny ceramic mushrooms by Mud Puppy 3. Moravian paper stars by Once Upon A Star 4. Paper butterfly wreath by Royal Buffet

1. Ceramic angel ornament by Designerlicious 2. Porcelain snowflake ornament by Shoshona Snow (best name ever!) 3. Chipboard dove set by Designerlicious 4. Cream felt flower stocking by Rik Rak

Now don't go too crazy shopping! I have a few more non-Etsy Christmas decor goodies in coming days to show you.


Romana said...

I am liking the "By the sea" and "ceramic peace dove" pendants...gorgeous :) I love snow flakes, but struggle with that image at this time of year in Aus!!! Just doesn't seem right when it is around 30C, lol. But they are so pretty....

viera said...

Isn't ETSY great!!

Amanda said...

It's wonderful to see you mentioning Etsy on here. I'm an Aussie Etsy seller and I think its starting to gain momentum here now. I'm part of an Etsy group in WA and we are having a market this Saturday so it's really snowballed!!

la la Lovely said...

Very cute!!!! glad the poster arrived safely!!! Can't wait to see a pic when you get it up. Have fun at IKEA!

paula said...

that butterfly wreath is so charming and i love the yarn balls