Wednesday, 12 November 2008

celeb style: molly sims

Oooh grey velvet - lovely!

Trina at La La Lovely Things' post about Molly Sims' Soho apartment yesterday reminded me I had another of her homes saved in a folder somewhere, so I thought I'd share. I love looking at celebrity homes, but I have to say that a lot of the time, more money equals less style (Mariah, anyone?). Their homes are so large, bathrooms look ridiculously sparse because they're living-room size, living areas are unlived in because there are so many of them and I often wonder how many of their seemingly endless amount of kitchen cabinets are empty. I'd say a fair few!! But this one I like - there is a nice mix of styles, eras and cosiness - and it's not too precious. There are even TVs! It can be annoying when aspects of real life are left out of the pictures in magazines sometimes. So, here is a little tour of Molly's Hollywood Hills home.

Do you think she did the picture wall herself? I love that it looks like the one in everyone else's home!

A nice, not-the-norm bed

For some reason I associate polka dots with Molly Sims so these deck chair cushions are very fitting!

Black + white = perfect!

Don't you just want to be sitting here with your fave people for a great big meal?

Look! A TV! And it's ON! Cute stack of suitcases

Large, yes, but this is nothing compared to some celeb kitchens!

Celebs use the loo too you know

White delight. All pics from Luxist

Want to see more celeb homes? Let me know and I'll drag a few more out of the files!


la la Lovely said...

Love.. I could live in both of her places.. wouldn't it be nice to have a home in NY & LA! Love the kitchen, bathrooms, photo collage, well most of it really! Thanks again for the link!

paula said...

oh i love her home. i especially love all the outdoor spaces. my dream.

Dallas Shaw said...

Molly sims has great taste- I alwat wish to see some of my work in her home! lol


Ana said...

Hi! These are fantastic! I absolutely love those dark dark dark tile floors set on a bias. So sharp!

Anonymous said...