Monday, 14 April 2008

Pud's nursery (almost done)

The nursery end of our room - getting there. Ignore the unpainted ceiling and the painted carpet!

Finally, the nursery end of our master bedroom is looking much more like a like a place a baby might sleep rather than a dumping ground for baby-related equipment! So here's what we've done so far.
My fave piece is the chest of drawers/changing table. I was inspired by this wallpaper-collage door and a dresser I saw in a textile designer's daughter's room a few weeks back. So I stole the dresser from Zak's room, painted the frame white and used up my wallpaper samples on the front of the drawers in a little collage. I was going to buy glass knobs for the front but ended up quite liking the grey handles that came with it originally!

The changing pad sits on top and all the nappies (for both babies!), wipes and baby-bottom bits are in the top drawer

I'd always used the drawers as the change table - I personally think it's a waste of money to buy an actual change table as no matter how useful it'll be for storage after, it still looks like a change table! For art above the change table I framed my Etsy buy in a cheapie black frame I painted over and my fave wallpaper sample. I also spraypainted a little wooden butterfly but will probably change and add to this later when the I find the right pieces...

Left picture is Night, Night by Studio Mela

I'd planned to do a black branch with black and white fabric and paper leaves on the side of the wardrobe with the Bambi silhouette sitting underneath, but then actually saw the two pieces of furniture together and realised they were pretty much the same size! So it's just Bambi now - made of sticky-backed black felt. I printed out a Bambi picture from the Net and cut around it. The butterfly is from a book page - isn't that a huge trend at the moment? I'm so with it... haha

The faux fur rug/blankie/throw is from Minimink. It's sooo soft

Bambi's close-up

And finally on the wardrobe is my baby bump and a mix of baby things and grown-up stuff. As it's a combined room, I didn't want it to scream "nursery" as soon as you walk in, so I didn't go overboard with the baby stuff. I love pictureless frames so turned my childhood gilded mirror into an empty white frame. The picture in the box frame is actually the business card from Studio Mela that came with my prints (it's cute, why waste it?!), the shoes were Zak's first in-utero gift that he only wore once, being a summer baby, and they're socks in the lolly jar (much healthier that way!).

Nothing too babyish

Baby socks and shoes are always so cute

Sooo, still to come is new carpet, a painted ceiling and I have to finish my chair. I still haven't decided what to cover it in - but have gone back to being boring and am thinking it'll probably just be a nice-feeling neutral with really dark wood arms and legs. And then there is the other half of the room that is just a nightmare - wardrobes still to come, a lick of paint, new light fitting (I have a Tord Boontjie Garland Light in silver waiting patiently to be hung up)... it's neverending! But at least the baby has a place to sleep in case it comes early. And shall we hope for its sake it's a girl? The room turned out a little girlier than I planned... Ooops.
Thoughts and suggestions most welcome as usual. x

PS: Apologies for bad quality of pics. Not sure why. It's a new camera so think I might need to actually read instructions...


Danielle Melnyczenko said...

Wow Belinda it's beautiful. I think its gender neutral, but maybe its the purple wall that makes it lean a little bit towards girly. After all it IS mummy's room and you're a girl. You want things to compliment you.

The dreser/change table is awesome and I plan on doing the same thing. I love the grey knobs too, a bit of contrast.

I can't wait to see what you do with the chair :)Bambi and the butterfly are so sweet... very now :P

Polka Dot Bride said...

Ah! I love it! I am especially hanging out to see how you use the garland light- I have been pining for one for a few years now!

I love the little shoes and socks- its just so sweet!

Peachy Keen said...

OH its just lovely! That dresser looks great (i was looking at those drawers on the weekend, they are such a fab shape!). Lucky baby!

julia said...

Hi! I'd love to post a tour of this nursery/bedroom on Ohdeedoh. Please send me an email at if you'd be willing to let us post. Thanks!

Danielle Melnyczenko said...

Awesome you'll be ohdeedoh again... :D Congrats Belinda

Courtney said...

Belinda - it's GORGEOUS! My favorite things: the wall color...the dresser drawers w/ wallpaper (colors are so soothing, and I love one-of-a-kind pieces) and of course the artwork from Studio Mela (great idea to frame the business card! cute!) oh, oh, I'm gushing!!

belinda graham said...

Aw thanks guys. The best thing about this is that I spent a grand total of $18 on the Night Night print and $1 on the sticky felt!! Everything else I had already and revamped with paint I already had or grabbed from other rooms! x

AnastasiaC said...

its so beautiful and calm...i love the colours you chose...and the collage effect is really nice!!

Roshanthi said...

Wow, I love it and you have inspired me to do the same for my daughters dresser that has town faux wood on particle board (ugh!)... will email you the results! THanks

ed said...

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