Tuesday, 29 April 2008

free amy butler patterns!

Aren't these the best? Must. Have. Some.

How have I not seen this before? I'm always on her site, but go straight to the inspiration section so must have missed the link to the freebie patterns. I found it this morning while working on the Real Living website. Next month's issue (out Monday) has a GORGEOUS feature on Amy's house. It's so beautiful. And I was wondering if we could stretch the friendship further with her to include a free pattern on the website. But it seems she's just that generous and has a whole heap of them on her own site, so a link is definitely in order. And of course, I'm also generous and have to share this news with you (just in case there was someone else out there who hadn't discovered this yet!) They're good too. Check them out here - scroll down to the last link on the homepage. I might put my new-found sewing skills to the test again with the cushions. When I find the time. So maybe in 2012! Enjoy...

Colourful, chunky, cool DIY jewellery!

Ooh flowers that last!

For the kids or cat lovers

Beautifully classic shape with Amy's unique twist


Anthea Sayer said...

Thanks for the tip! I discovered Amy Butler through a previous post of yours and am now addicted to her website. Look forward to getting my new Real Living in a few weeks time even more now I know it features her home!

Leni and Rose said...

Just found your blog, it's lovely! Thanks for the links to the Amy Butler patterns, will give the cat a go!

belinda graham said...

No worries lovelies - thanks for visiting! Good luck with your cat cushion!

Penelope Boyd said...

I'm looking forward to seeing her home in Real Living (love the mag, by the way, and your blog!). Thanks for directing me to her patterns!

Nicky said...

Hey Belinda,
I really need some help.
I am going to attempt to redecorate our study.
We have a suede feature wall, it's the latte one on this link http://www.dulux.com.au/html/inspiration/colours_texture.aspx
I am wanting to paint all the furniture USA White (the other walls are also this colour)
What other colour/s can you see in the picture (no dark brown/greens - I'm saving that for the living room), it's for our Study
I'd appreciate aaaaaaany advice at all!
Nicky (nicky.meinberg@gmail.com)