Wednesday, 9 April 2008

community project: store window display

Love & Clutter store window display (via Birdy & Me) - some great so-simple ideas here.

Hey guys
A reader emailed me yesterday asking for some advice on decorating a store window for spring/summer (no, she's not working that far in advance, she's from Texas!). Now I'm no expert, but I agreed to give her some budget-friendly suggestions on what she could do to attract attention of passers-by and get them into the store. The shop is a resale shop (so for us Aussies, a second-hand/op shop) selling donated clothes, homewares, books, shoes and a few toys, and it sponsors a local pregnancy crisis centre, so sales are essential for not only the success of the store, but the women it supports.
Sooo, I thought I'd let you help. Ok, ask you to help!
What kinds of things in a store window would you stop and have a look at?
And what would get you to venture inside?
Would you care that the items in the window are not for sale?
Does the display need to relate to the store's contents?
Do you know of any inexpensive crafty things she could make like paper flowers or Martha Stewart's tissue-paper pom poms?
Usually, just a nice-looking display with a mix of things for sale in the store and a clever idea or unique feature I could imagine doing in my home would do it for me. Like the ones I've posted here...

An Anthropologie window display (who else!?). Something similar in painted cardboard or plywood letters spelling out "spring" could be cute?

This is the window of Per Square Metre Gallery (via Birdy & Me). I love the idea of painting part of the display onto the window - or even just a few flowers or swirls...

A cluster of themed items is always pretty: any colour would look good... (From Janne Peters)

Eye-catching indeed! This is a travel theme, but a huge range of magazine pages would work well in vibrant spring colours... (from Inside Photo)

Remember, it's not Anthropologie, so you don't have to bust your brain to come up with an award-winning display, just simple but effective, wallet-friendly, real ideas!
Love to hear your thoughts, ideas and suggestions: it'll all be greatly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Will email :)

Anonymous said...

Lost your email address. Check my blog:

AnastasiaC said...

i love inspiration boards so a window full of things displayed in a similar way would be cool. Pip, from 'Meet Me at Mikes' down in Melbourne is currently doing something like that...its a great idea!

belinda graham said...

what a cute idea - will def pass on. Thanks so much!!

the butterfly collector said...

Hi Belinda, I just found you through Anastasia! I would love to help with this project, especially for a charity! I trained as a visual merchandiser and I'm now a Mum of two and Artist! I will send you an email soon with some ideas! Love your nursery!!!! and real living too!( i'm a subscriber!)Shae xo

Steph Bond said...

What a great idea. I used to ride the bus past a number of run-down looking op-shops in Sydney on my way home from work and always thought how much more custom the store would get if their windows were beautifully dressed. I had a bit of a rant about it here. My conclusion - wouldn't it be great to see a collaboration between the charity stores and local TAFE colleges to have the fashion/interior design students rotate and dress the windows as part of the curriculum/assessment? The students would get incredible experience, and the stores would get much more custom, and the charities would benefit. Win-win all round!

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