Wednesday, 23 April 2008

got a decorating dilemma?

Give a dressing table love by displaying more than just jewellery or perfumes.

Am here to help. Well, sort of. I'm compiling a list of common decorating problems/questions/dilemmas to ask a few experts for next month's website content and I thought I'd see if you had anything you'd like to ask? Things like "how can I make my living room a kids zone as well without it looking like the set of Playschool?" or "how do I combine my two loves: antiques and slick modern pieces" or "what's the best way to display all my holiday snaps or collectibles". If you had the opportunity to ask an interior designer or stylist something - for free - what'd it be? Let me know in the comments section or email me at and then look out for the answers starting Monday, May 5 on the Real Living website.
And just to be clear - these pics are not demonstrating the dilemmas, but some solutions. Aren't they pretty? I found them on photo agency site: Taverne Agency. Check it out for a whole heap of awesome homes.

Ottomans or old beds can be put to good use in a spare room or even the living room - dress them up in pretty linens, dazzling cushions and pop a screen behind them to make them room features

A nice, stylish way to say "kids live here too" in a foyer or living space

A pop of colour on the walls of a courtyard gives traditional-style furniture a funky feel. All pics from Taverne Agency


Anonymous said...

Good Work. I am manufacturer of handicraft and looking for handicraft partners globally.

AnastasiaC said...

yes!! its a simple one...i never know what to put on display in my family room...i have a large sideboard cabinet and a small thin one plus a
small side table near the couch - I have framed family photos & some leaned against the wall, a plant on one side and vases but it still looks there is too much on there?

Jen r. said...

I would love to know how do you clean up the entry way clutter when you don't really have an entry way.. I have a small house where the front door opens right up into the livingroom. No mud room here, So the coats and shoes go right in front, but it always looks so cluttered to me...Thanks! Jen R