Monday, 28 April 2008

this long weekend I...

Found this two-toned wallpaper pic on my web travels - cute, huh? From Decorno

1. Chose our carpet colour and style (we went for a plusher carpet in a similar tone to what I'd chosen before - a really light milk choc/latte/yummy food name colour) and organised a proper measure and quote. Should take roughly a week to get put in - yay! Just in time for chilly nights...
2. Had a family excursion to Bunnings which Zak thought was heaven - screws! wood! tools! lights! - and tried to adopt a different family. We picked up some decorative wood corners for the pergola (not sure of proper name and not something I'd have thought of really, but Steve was adamant it'd look great. He was right though, it'll all turn out nice. Plus, I have to let him have some input, right? Kidding)
3. Waited approximately two years in the Spotlight cue just to exchange a staple gun that never worked.
4. Painted the front door white (it was dark brown). You can now actually tell we have a front door! Actually, Steve did this.
5. Put a cupboard handle on the front door. Yes, a cupboard handle. We just needed a fake handle as the actual deadlock does all the work, and couldn't find anything in the proper section, so went with cupboard door handles. As you do. We also got a couple for the French doors to our bedroom. Steve really did this, too.
6. Painted the edges of the architraves on the exterior of the house with a tiny artist's brush. Not so much fun.
7. Continued painting the exterior of the house. Oh wait, that was Steve again. I was doing point 6 and stopping Zak from painting over our efforts with his own paint (a bucket of water!).
8. Actually got to go for a walk in the sun and feed the ducks.
9. Started recovering my chair and sanding back the wood to stain (again).
10. Finished an article for Real Living and realised I have only another week before the next website upload and issue goes on sale. Time flies even faster when you think of it in terms of issues and onsale dates...
11. Started cleaning out my bedroom so we can finish painting the walls and the carpet guys can actually get in there to lay the carpet.
12. Slept just a little bit.
13. Was very excited to see my gumdrop pillow on Decor8! And thrilled people were actually impressed with my efforts!
14. Took NO pictures of anything we did to show you. Sorry! Will hopefully get the chair done and dusted this week. Until then, enjoy this cute two-toned wallpaper idea (above) I found via Decorno. I may or may not be slightly obsessed with wallpaper at the moment. I don't think there's a rehab for it though. Yet.

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