Thursday, 10 April 2008

oh baby

Zakky snoozing at the shoot. It's tough work being a baby model. Pic by Elsa Dillon

At the risk of alienating anyone not caring about babies (sorry!) and making this post way too much about me... I was flicking through some of my old mags and rediscovered an article I wrote in Real Living last year about bringing home baby. So I re-read it and I can't believe how much I'd forgotten already!!! The complete unknown, trying to get anything done (like have a shower!) when your baby just isn't interesting in sleeping, the leaky boobs and soreness, the knots that accumulate in your hair because you haven't combed it for days.... And I'm going to be doing it with an incredibly curious 19-month-old. How the heck am I going to manage bedtimes and mealtimes for two babies, let alone myself? Should be a fun ride! So in case you're expecting yourself or planning on to one day and didn't see it the first time around, here's an honest account about my first few months of being a parent. I don't have all the answers, but it might help someone out there - even if it's just a little bit.

Real Living June 2007

Some more tips: Baby shopping guide and Things money can't buy

On the subject of babies, my former boss (I used to work at Cosmo - just a little different to real living!), Mia Freedman, is also pregnant again -with her third child - and is blogging about the joys and dramas of pregnancy and motherhood on every mum's essential destination - Essential Baby. She's funny and real and her columns are definitely worth a look, as is her daily blog MamaMia.

And one more thing: I'm so over my dust-sheeted bedroom/nursery, I'm busting my butt this weekend to get the nursery part decent enough for a mini reveal. Come back Monday for a few pics if you're interested!

Have a fab weekend


Anonymous said...

Aww sweet :) one of my fave issues. Links were great too.

Really helpful piece and it must be great to have such a keepsake for Zak.

Maybe with the new bub RL could do a decorate the nursery set and she/he could be the model :P

Mrs.French said...

Wow, I am not sure it would have been a good thing to document those first moments with my little one. I may have scared anyone who was on the fence about having a baby. I am sure your experiences are expressed much more eloquently than I could have possibly mustered up. Funny thing is that my memories are quite vivid and I really wouldn't have changed a thing because for some unknown reason my kid is pretty fantastic. Cheers!

AnastasiaC said...

ohh yes, i remember that article!! and Real Living is one of my favourite mags!!!
its so great to see magazine writers starting up blogs...

h&b said...

What a *gorgeous* photoshoot - you both look fabulous !