Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Real fabulous shopping

Uber-quick post today as incredibly busy attempting to write a gazillion things for the real living site for Monday. And have serious baby brain which is not helping! But, the whole reason I've had to rush this month's website upload is because I had to look after the magazine's new baby: real shopping. Have you visited yet? It's like a mini online department store with homewares, accessories like bags and jewellery, kids clothing and Christmassy stuff you can shop at 24/7 and have delivered FREE to your home. It's still in its early days - we will keep adding cool stuff as soon as we find it - but I've already spent waaay too much time on there (ok, part of the reason was because I had to write the product descriptions, proof the site and this meant re-reading every page at least three times. Not saying there are NO mistakes, but hopefully the damage if minimal!) and have a little list of things I want to buy. Here are my faves and if you haven't had a look yet, jump on - it's great for Chrissy shopping. An added bonus is you won't get blisters on your feet from walking around the shops ALL DAY!

Slighty obsessed with this gorgeous leather bag. $262

For Zakky and a potentially blue-themed Christmas this year. $24.95

Too small for me, so Zak gets to have! $24.95

Bright and cheery for the deck! $169


Anonymous said...

I had a look on opening day and the only thing that bugged me was that it doesn't fit in a standard browser window. There is nothing I hate more than having to scroll sideways (i know I'm lazy) but I can see thats changed now and the products are really cool. There are a few "out of my range" products but there is heaps more drool-worthy stuff. I just have to stop buying on ebay before I can start shopping there!!!
btw: did you do those illistrations yourself... very cool :D

dani_luigi said...

Ohhhh oohhh...I so would love that bad!! My husband would kill me if he "found out" I spent that much $$ on a bag but isn't it gorgeous.

The site is looking really good. I have added it to my favorites.

belinda graham said...

Ahh, wish I could take credit for the site, but I can't. I just wrote the blurbs, proofed it and wrote the feature in the magazine! But it was VERY time-consuming!! Bx

Anonymous said...

umm I've fallen in love with the metal cut-out bird wreath... damn.
Don't take full credit, but definatly take some :D I had to do the same thing for a website at my last work place... took AGES. Totally understand... and well done :D

Anonymous said...

good, i just made tons of different emo backgrounds 2 my blog