Friday, 12 October 2007

My silhouette family!

My family in silhouette form. Zak looks like Casper!

After seeing this in a mag months ago, I finally got around to making my own little silhouette family! Only now, what I thought was rather unique is HUGE! Silhouettes are everywhere - check out this month's real living mag, there are silhouettes in several features. Anyhow, I still think it's rather cool having my family displayed in some way other than the usual photographs. And, it's so easy, I thought I'd share with you how to do it.

1. Take a photo of your subject's profile (from the side).
2. Print out on normal paper (don't want to waste precious photo paper!)
3. Using tracing paper, tissue paper or even baking paper, trace around profile with a pencil.
4. Turn the traced outline face down onto a piece of cardboard.
5. Retrace the outline with a pencil, or gently rub over the pencil, and the profile will imprint into the cardboard.
6. Cut around the cardboard outline, turn over (so any pesky pencil marks are turned over) and stick onto constrasting cardboard.
7. Frame and display.
8. Admire!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What a brilliant idea! Thank you for this! Your little silhouette family is simply gorgeous! :)