Tuesday, 9 October 2007


Welcome to my blog! It’s only 18 months late. I’m very good at procrastinating, as I’m sure you’ll discover… I’m also good at changing my mind. I thought blogs were just another sad internet craze worsening our ability to get outside and do things and communicate effectively, but then I discovered some good ones in my internet travels and got a little inspired to set up my own. I might even help someone somewhere, somehow! Basically, I’ll share any tips and tricks I learn during my own home renovation and from my experience working at real living magazine. My colleagues are a bunch of interior design, shopping and decorating gurus whose wisdom on such matters should be shared with those of us setting up home or simply wanting to improve the look and feel of a space. So think of this as your stop for renovation tips, great stores and product reviews, sales, projects and other great sources of inspiration related to turning your own home into a cosy haven - easily, stylishly and as cheaply as possible! And, because I’m a recent addition to the motherhood club, I’ve become all baby obsessed and might talk about that for a bit too - bear with me, please, I’ll make sure that’s somehow interesting to you too, by sharing cool websites or baby-related shopping sites. I’ll also be posting behind the scenes stuff from real living and asking for your input and thoughts on the mag, so get ready to comment. But please, be kind…

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