Friday, 19 October 2007

homemade window film

I discovered Emma Jeffs' Adhesive Window Films in my internet travels and thought it the perfect solution for one of my bedroom windows that is neither private nor pleasant to look through. But after discovering it's not only hard to find here, but quite expensive for the tiny space I'd be using it for, I thought about other options.

The original and best - Emma Jeffs Otto Adhesive Window Film.

Then I was in Lincraft one day and found some plastic table runners that I thought would do the job nicely! For a couple of bucks a metre, I simply cut it to fit, then stuck it on the window with one of those spay-on adhesives. (I haven't taken it off yet, so not sure how ruined the actual glass is by the adhesive!?) Considering I got change from $5, I think it looks a bit of alright!

My version: plastic daisy runner from Lincraft, about $2 a metre

Detail shot: a bit more privacy and much better view than the neighbour's Colorbond fence!

In Bunnings the other day, I also found rolls of plain frosted window adhesive for about $5 - another great option if you have windows that look out onto nothing exciting or for rooms such as bathroom where you want to let light in but not peeping eyes!

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Dani & Mezza said...

I was always a fan of the plain frosted adheasive. For larger windows or glass sliding doors, it looks great if the bottom third is done. Also good for safety.