Thursday, 18 October 2007

Bathroom renovation days 9, 10, 11

My tiler is DEAD! He didn't turn up for work, I didn't hear a peep from him, and as he told me two days earlier "If I don't turn up for work on Wednesday, I'm dead", what else am I meant to think? You'd think so too, right? I was actually feeling really bad for him and was making all sorts of panicky phone calls to Jeff, wondering if he'd heard anything. Turns out, he DID turn up, only my gates were closed so he assumed I wasn't home. He left a business card, but seeing as I didn't leave the house all day waiting for him to call or turn up, I didn't see it. Anyway, he came the next day and did the second coat of waterproofing. And would have laid the concrete floor the next day, but it wasn't dry so we got delayed yet another day. So far, we've been pushed back three days. That's three extra days without a shower. Thankfully, Steve's parents live nearby. And we've also made good use of the indoor swimming pool down the road! And I'm so, so glad we have another indoor toilet - I certainly didn't fancy using the outhouse, which is really now just the spiderhouse...

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