Thursday, 25 October 2007

Black, white and cool all over

For all the kids out there obsessed with Happy Feet
Not only is black and white a perfect pair in decorating, it's been proven they're the most stimulating colours for young babies, due to the huge contrast in colours. So, when decorating the nursery, buying first toys or books, it's wise to banish the pink and blue for the first few months and stick to black and white.
A reader, Dani, alerted me to a great blog by a Canadian artist and designer who's come up with her own adorable pictures that she's letting anyone download - for free - to pin up in their own nursery. Which is just so nice of her, I had to share so her work is appreciated all round!

Definitely need to do a monkey for my own monkey

Let's pretend it's an echidna!

I know I'll be printing out my own and framing them for my son's room - not just cause they're so cool, but because I actually have to make it newborn-baby-friendly again as am pregnant with my second child! Maybe I should rename this blog renovate, decorate and procreate?