Thursday, 11 October 2007

Bathroom reno - days 3, 4 & 5

Well, it's starting to take shape - our plumber, Trent, set up all the plumbing, electrician Col organised the wires for our heater/light/fan thingy and the walls are now back on. And the bath is in its new home.

New pipes for the shower/bath

The bath is in. Can't wait to use it

It suddenly looks tiny again, so I really hope once all the fittings are in it isn't too small for us... Jeff has also rebuilt the wall with the door in the middle, so it's looking like a room, not just a big, dark hole. My plan is to use the new nook created outside the bathroom as a small office area. I'll pop a linen cupboard in the corner and run a narrow desk the length of the wall for my computer and paperwork. Don't believe it'll fit? Wait and see...

The new nook created on the outside will become my "office"
It has walls! Starting to look like a real room again

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