Friday, 9 May 2008

Our bedroom: before + after

We have carpet! This is very exciting. Much more thrilling for my poor body which is relieved it's almost over. We spent the last few days emptying the equivalent of three rooms out into other areas of the house, priming the walls, painting the walls and camping on the floor (had to dismantle the bed to get it out the door). Two men put it in on Wedneday morning and here it is! (well, the other side of our room that I've never showed before because of its hideousness. The other end is the nursery).

Before: we lived with these walls for four and a half years. That's just sad, really!

After: plushy and warm carpet and white walls.

My painter (Steve) busy at work. Love his very professional uniform?!

After: the room seems so much brighter and bigger.

It was sooo nice waking up to a warm room - it's made a huge difference with thicker underlay and thick, plush carpet. Who knew? I swear though, for all the carpet samples in the world, it's never a true indication until it's completely laid! I thought it was lighter than it is, but I am still thrilled with it - only one tiny problem: I'm going to have to repaint my purple wall. I just can't handle the two colours clashing so much. I want to just go white and forget the colour, but Steve wants a "shade of brown" so I'm back to choosing paint colours and sample pots... Strangely, though, the thought of repainting hasn't even annoyed me once. I think it's because I know the room will look so much better! But my indecision and repainting is nothing compared to someone I know who paid a fortune to have her house exterior painted, only to call them back a few weeks later and have them repaint it again another colour. Hubby wasn't too pleased (although it does look brilliant!)

Now one would think I'd be really excited and get about putting everything back and styling up the room, but I'm so stiff and sore and there is soooo much crap to move again... You have to be neater when you put stuff back too; can't just dump it in the corner like I did when I took it out! So the next few days will be moving back in and trying to make it look decent. Now I just need to hit Ikea and grab our wardrobes and the room is done (oh, aside from the actual windows and ceiling... but can I tell you how much I don't care about those right now?) It's only taken four and a half years! It also means I can actually relax a little bit now - four weeks till bub gets here, so if it decides to come early, I won't completely freak that the room isn't ready!

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Anonymous said...

Wow... lots of big posts from you today, loving it.

I was beginning to wonder how long you had left to go. I don't know how you're managing!

The carpet looks awesome and thankgod for white paint, it's done wonders. I cant wait to see it all fitted out.

Then you can inundate us with pud pics :)