Monday, 12 May 2008

happy mummy's day

No hate mail pls... but I'm getting one of these! From Leffler

Happy mother's day to all mums for yesterday. Hope you were all made to feel as special and as loved as I was! I got a very amusing "harry mum daaaaaaay" from Zak who actually said day for the first time while repeating Steve. Too cute! And in a bit of a twist to the old present-giving tradition, I, um, told Steve what I wanted (might as well get something I really want/need, right?) and will be ordering it very soon - yay! I asked for this beige cow hide for our living room (so really, it's a present for everyone!). I've become obsessed with them lately and while it's not the warmest, wooliest rug around, I think it'll look perfect in the spot and can easily be warmed up for baby bottoms with sheepskin rugs - a trip to Ikea is planned for tomorrow anyway to order wardrobes.
But best of all, I got a full night's sleep last night. Thanks Zakky!