Tuesday, 27 May 2008

My new love for hats

I've had this hat for 3 years. This is the first time I've worn it! Here's why...

Yesterday I turned 31. For my birthday I got a hole in my head. In what is possibly best timing ever, I found out last week a little scab on the top of my head was a skin cancer. A plastic surgeon couldn't take it out until AUGUST so I begged my lovely doctor to do it ASAP before the baby arrived (which as we speak is still wriggling away inside me with a little over a week till due date!) cause I really didn't want to have to worry about that. I realise this tiny little basal cell carcinoma is probably the mildest form of cancer, but it is still the dreaded "C" word and hearing it had my imagination running wild, turning the little growth into a full-blown brain tumour. I even stressed! And cried! And obviously not posted on my blog, so now you know why...
I've always wanted to be a hat person - love them, but thought they looked terrible on me. Which is why I never wore one until Zak was born and I felt the need to be all responsible and set examples. Bit late though, so due to a little bald patch on my head, a stiched up hole and the fact that I NEVER want to be told I have any kind of cancer again, I'll be wearing hats everytime I'm out. Even in winter. And - warning, preachy post time - you should too. Cause even though it didn't hurt to have it removed (although it does a little now!) and I'm hardly on my death bed or anything, it could have been worse and it doesn't take much to protect the one part of your body that's most susceptible to the beaming-down sun. Not sure why I shared this, just being all nerdy and sun smart now! But look, I did take the pics in front of something related to my blog: my new wardrobes which are just monstrous. I love them - so much space. The doors are lying all over our bedroom floor cause they appear to be the most difficult part of the putting-together process. Stay tuned for pics of the room - complete! I can't wait!

I also like this one...

This one just needs hanging corks for true-blue Aussie style. Think it'll stay in the cupboard...

Onto to a cheerier topic and more pics of myself (how very narcissistic of me!), here are some photos of my ready-to-pop-belly. I have no idea what I'm having. Well, I know it'll be a baby (at least I hope it is!) but have no inkling of the sex. But I do have a theory: if you have babies close together with a gap of less than two years, chances are higher they'll be the same sex. So if my theory is correct, Zak will get a baby brother. I'm also one of those rare pregnant people who actually like hearing people's opinions on what they think I'm having, so please, have a guess - girl or boy? I'll be sure to let you know soon - next time I post a pic of myself, it'll be a cheesy family one!

Me and all the clothes I can't wear!



Lark said...

Hello Belinda, I love your blog! The most accurate predictor I have found is the shape - if it's all bursting up at the front like a watermelon it's a girl, but if it's sort of spread out at the sides it's s boy - so maybe it's a girl, looking at your lovely bump? I hadn't heard the one about being born close together - I had two gorgeous boys within two years!

All the best for the birth!

P.S. great hats, you really suit them!

Kate said...

Hi Belinda,
Sorry to hear about your news. I definitely do think you can pull off hats! Also don't forget the good old head scarf!

You look great! I think you are having a boy too (mainly because of the old wives tale about it being a boy if the bump sits quite high).

P.S I actually liked from what I could see of, your kitchen! It has that authenticity and character of a bygone era - in a good way! I know the drawers probably don't slide in and out like silk but it looks very liveable and neutral!

Natalie Walton said...

You look great in the hats - enjoy wearing them. I love wearing hats and have a small but growing collection. My problem is that I never know what to do with the indoor/outdoor hat-hair thing. For example, if you wear a hat to a friend's for dinner then you have to take it off when you get there but if you've been wearing it all day you'll get hat hair. So is it bad form to keep wearing it at a bar, dinner, work, etc... Also, I think you're having a girl, although your shape is probably similar to last time so won't be shocked if you have a boy.

Not long to go now!!!

Thinking of you


Danielle Melnyczenko said...

Aww missed you girly oxox
Sorry you had to experience the "C" word, it's not nice and I hope you never have to hear it again. You suit hats. The very first pic should be your new profile pic. Very fitting with the wardrobe behind you :)

I'm crossing my fingers for a girl... I'm blindly guessing btw :P

belinda graham said...

Thanks guys! We'll see soon enough I guess. Nat - I think if it's an obvious fashion statement, it wouldn't matter if you kept a hat on inside. Unless it's a massive wide brimmed racewear hat you keep headbutting the person sitting next to you at dinner with! hah But sun hats/baseball caps I'd remove... x

Courtney said...

I'm so glad you got a hole in the head! That doesn't sound quite right, though...what I mean is, I'm so glad you got it taken out now rather than later! And you are addorable in hats and disgustlingly cute for nine months preggo. I'm going to guess boy, since you're leaning that way. I had never heard that two years thing - although mine are both girls, and 23 months apart, so we would support your theory!

Courtney said...

please ignore my horrific spelling...aforementioned two girls are being very distracting at the moment...

belinda graham said...

haha thanks Courtney. Yeah just my own theory - when I thought about everyone I knew with siblings so close to them, only a few were the opposite sex. So we'll see!

Jennifer Ramos said...

Hi Belinda,
Sorry to hear about your C word ordeal, hopefully it all gets taken care of. You look so cute in the pics with the hat hehe NICE HATS! : )


Jen Ramos
'100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards & More'

Aimie said...

hiya bel!!! that baby bump defo suits you!!! u look so good!!! hop you are feeling ok and all is well with everybody!! everyone sends their love!!
oh and bout the sex of the baby i was out driving yesterday and i saw 4 magpies! so i think its a boy! dad always tells by magpies and hes never been wrong!! lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx