Thursday, 29 May 2008

bugger. bugger. bugger!

My awesome DIY record now has a big blemish

Can I blame baby brain for this? While putting the handles on my wardrobe doors I accidentally drilled a hole in the wrong spot. By a long shot! How I managed this, I'll never know, because I was sooo careful with my little pencil marks. I think, though, the stupid door had a speck of dust or something on it I mistook for a pencil mark and so drilled away. Luckily, it's at least underneath the handle (and not below or above it!), but still - BUGGER! Since taking this pic, I ironed over a tiny piece of melamine but now instead of a hole, there is a raised white bump! I thought I'd wait and see if Steve noticed. He did. Oops. So maybe I could fill it, sand it and try painting it bright white? But I just wonder if that will still be noticeable. Anyone got any other ideas? I'm all ears. Will post pics of whole room tomorrow. I don't recognise it from what it was!


Danielle Melnyczenko said...

ooh bugger. Fill it and I'd use nailpolish maybe (depends how glossy the finish is) or a white paintpen. Goodluck

Courtney said...

so glad I'm not the only one who does this sort of thing. I'd just use the same kind of white spackle you use when you fill holes in your wall before you paint. that might be enough on its own. if not, you could sand it a bit then give the whole thing a coat of white spray paint.

Peachy Keen said...

Hmm, not sure how big the hole is, but this is an old tradesmans trick. Rub a bar of (white!)soap over it a few times. The soap is soft enough to fill the hole. The other option is to gather a really small amount of VERY fine sawdust and mix it with a bot of pva, then fill the hole, and put a spot of paint over the top. Final option - there is a gap filler in the market that it SUPER white and SUPER smooth. I;m not sure what its called, but I know I will be using it tomorrow, so I will jump on and let you know!

Chantal Butcher said...

I had to use phone a friend for this. no not really i asked my hubby who is a joiner. how one would go about fixing your problem. being a male he said. get a new door. as i am guessing this is not an option he said
(he even used the phase "step 1")
hope it works.

1. Purchase “timber mate” filler in a color that matches your door.
2. Scrap enough of this filler into the hole (using a laminex sample chip or a plastic spatula) you want the fill to be raised above surface.
3. Wait for 1 hour
4. Cover a piece of smooth and flat block of wood the size of your fist with a cotton material. Damped material and rub over area to remove all excess timber mate, as it is water soluble, be sure not to remove too much and leave a divet, you want it flush with the surface.
5. Let it dry for a further hour
6. Now it’s time for choose your own adventure, pick a product
a. Purchase a small bottle (nail polish size) of a product called “liquid laminate” in the colour of your door (you should be able to get this from a kitchen manufacturer, if they don’t know what you are talking about it is distributed by Lincoln Sentry). Should be about $10-20
b. Buy a sample pot of acrylic paint in the same colour as your door (even if it is a laminex color they should be able to mix it) and a small art brush
7. Apply your product of choice just to the timber mate.
Having said all of this it can still go wrong if you are not carful. Ensure the area is clean and not touched by dirty fingers. Hubby prefers option a. because it can be applied and rubbed off with appropriate thinners if you muck it up and it far more durable.

belinda graham said...

Wow - you guys are all awesome, thank you! Am sure at least one of these will work - will give it a go one of these days and let you know how I did!!
Thank you sooo much x