Wednesday, 3 December 2008

save or splurge: cool coffee table

Verve coffee table in light oak, $795, Globe West. Image by Tim James/Real Living magazine

So the thing I spotted while on my hurried path to the kitchen department at Ikea on Friday was the new Vejmon coffee table. It reminded me so much of the Globe West one we've used several times in real living but for a quarter of the price. And with a bonus handy shelf. It comes in dark brown/black in a coffee table and side table. I hope they add a dining table (without the shelf, obviously) because then it'd be just like the one in the first kitchen in the below post. And I LOVE that table. So, to compare: you can get the very lovely and original (I think?) Globe West version for $795 OR you can get this very similar one from good old Ikea for $199. The side table is only $129. I personally prefer the Globe West one, but it's nice to know there is a cheaper way to get the look.

Vejmon coffee table, $199, Ikea

Vejmon side table, $129, Ikea


Abbey Sherwood said...

Hi Belinda,
I also love that table!
I have specified a similar table (timber veneer top with solid timber legs) for a commercial job I'm currently working on.
Its from Zuster, called the "bare /BAR332" table.
(400 High-600 Dia)

It comes in at around the $450 mark (Not sure of the exact retail pricing).

But its very close to the one you pictured from globe and another affordable option.

la la Lovely said...

Love the table!!!!

kylie said...

Hi the website. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of this photo and Ikea table - i have the EXACT same style of fireplace and mantle and the table works so well with it

Anonymous said...

Love the table too. problem is they haven't had it in stock for a long time now!!!!!!

Web Designer said...

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