Monday, 1 December 2008

happy tree putting up day!

Today is December 1 and usually the day to get decorating, twinkling and counting down the sleeps until the big jolly fat man eats all your cookies (oh, and leaves a few pressies under said decorated tree). I thought this little video by Little Brown Pen was a cute way to get you into the Christmas spirit - cheery song, flying objects and great inspiration for gifts and wrapping for a bunch of people for just $10. Can't beat that! That said, I still have a few more days before I put my tree up. My dad is German so we've always done it on the 6th (St Nick's birthday) so will continue the tradition with my own kids. And if you're like me and haven't popped it up yet, here are a few pretty things you might want to grab to decorate it with...

Set of six bone china finials, $120, Have You Met Miss Jones

Plywood snowflakes, $11 set for two, Venucci

Set of three laser-cut felt deers, $11.95, Mozi

Handmade ceramic Christmas baubles, $12.95 each, Paper Boat Press at Biome

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Rachel said...

I love your blog. The Christmas decorations around are just gorgeous at the moment. I adore the Have you met Miss Jones finials. Pure white is currently my favourite colour. I put up my Christmas tree on Sunday (only a couple of days early!!) I have pics on my blog