Friday, 12 December 2008

dream chrissy decor

I'm ba-ack! Turns out my mini break ended up being a sick-children-and-therefore-no-sleep-break so I didn't get too much work done. But it was good fun spending some time with my parents and being spoilt as only parents can do!

Lovely Amanda at Swish and Swanky invited me to be a part of her "My Christmas" segment of blog posts this week where she gets other bloggers to share how they spend their Christmas, their shopping spots and decor ideas. One of her questions was "your decorating wish". My answer was to live in the Northern Hempisphere for a year so I'd get to decorate to in that earthy, white and wintery way that the Scandinavian's do so well. I sent off some pics I loved of how my dream decoration would be - here is the rest of one of the sets. In reality? Nothing like it! Maybe next year... You can read all about my Chrissy here and see an incredibly dodgy pic of my tree as it was last night, complete with bare patch where a paper dove must have flown away without my knowing!

Aren't they sweet? All images are from Inside Photo. Thanks Amanda for the invite - it's a great idea and so nice to see how others spend their chrissy.

So what do you have planned this year??


Bespoke Press said...

I love the hessian bags. Oh so romantically australian!

Juste said...

the decorations look very sweet and cosy! love them:)

Anonymous said...


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