Tuesday, 30 December 2008

out now: jan/feb issue

The Jan/Feb cover: my new fave!

Hope everyone had a lovely Chrissy and that you were all spoilt rotten. Am still on a break but had to pop on to let you know the Jan/Feb issue is out now and show off a few pages. Aren't they lovely?

Decorating with driftwood. I actually starting collecting pieces today down the road to possibly do one of these projects. But they're still sitting on the sand because I forgot about them!

Shopping for your bedroom: 3 looks

Folktastic! For a huge shopping guide for all things folk, go here

How to find your own style - from moodboard to room

And of course this means that the site has also changed so head to http://www.reallivingmag.com.au/ for great links, projects like how to make a giftwrap bedhead, a folk shopping guide, beach beauty, yummy summer recipes and a refreshing fruity margarita and a real reader's nursery makeover. Also, there is a free carpet bag pattern download that Amy Butler herself raved about while in Oz in November and an entry form for the British Paints competition where you could win one of five $1000 paint packs. Phew.

Style my... outdoor chill-out space. This was fun: I love, love the range of outdoor fabrics I found (7) and that beautiful recycled plastic rug (3). I have one of these chairs (2), footstool (6) and chimes(4), so I guess I was a little influenced by my own outdoor chill-out zone! And the tyre tub is on my to-buy list to stash the multitude of bats and balls and outdoor toys Zak keeps accumulating! Go here to find out where to buy all these items.

These last couple of months I've started a "style my..." section where I've had fun putting together little collections for a room. Last month I did style your party table; this month it's style your outdoor chill-out space. Ideally I'd love this space to be budget-friendly so I'm thinking things like "style my living room for less than $2000" just for the challenge. Is there anything you'd love me to try? A particular room? Colourway? Theme? Budget? Let me know!


Jogirl said...

Hi Belinda,
I have already devoured this issue, I love it, read it from cover to cover. Particularly loved the websites story.
I have some questions for you about some stuff. I will pop you an email.



Anonymous said...

Gorgeous new issue! I would like to see.. style my playroom. We have every other room sorted, and the playroom is .. blah. We have an expedit bookcase (as all family's should!) and we have storage buckets and everything is sorted and neat. There is a white junior day bed, and an antonius. Costumes are hung. Everything is practical and neat.. it just doesn't have any style. ;)

Trixie Jones said...

I really enjoyed this months issue. I sat down just to flick through it and ended up reading it cover to cover twice!!!

I'd love to see some articles on making an affordable yet stylish guest room.

Romana said...

yay for the new issue, I've already dog-eared a few pages to refer back to and sites to check out. I was especially pleased as my local Woolies was selling it with a bonus issue from 2008(random month) and I got a issue from a month I missed :) A good way to get rid of old issues!

An article on how to jazz up yur front porch would be great - our burbs idea of front entrance is, well blah. No need for ultra formal - just welcoming.

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for the new issue since the 22nd, I can't find it anywhere :( Newsagents, Coles, they have all been bare. Will need to keep hunting, looks like a great issue...

I would be interested in a 'Style my...' any room using only items from easily accessible and inexpensive big stores like Bunnings/Kmart/Target/Big W/Ikea. Or maybe one done entirely by ordering items online?

Anonymous said...

I subscribed in the second week of Dec thinking I'd get Jan/Feb issue in time but nope. I'm heading out to get it tomorrow :)

..... said...

Love your blog! The driftwood door curtain is such a great idea. Its exactly the type of room divider I'd love to put in my studio. Thanks so much for posting. PS that Blossom bag is glorious.

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

im officially JEALOUS this mag isnt here in the U.S. - we are soooo missing out.

Jen Ramos
'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'

Anonymous said...

I loved the website article. I was laughing as you listed all my favourite design blogs.
Thanks for the gorgeous issue!

belinda graham said...

Thanks guys for all your suggestions - will try and get them all up at some stage! Cheers x

Anonymous said...