Thursday, 19 June 2008

thing #372 to do with wallpaper that doesn't involve a wall

I think I prefer wallpaper on everything but walls!

Poor work must be bored of me emailing them wallpaper ideas - you should see the awesome bedhead in a house story coming out next month - but really, some people are so clever. Case in point? Our deputy, Nat, who I just featured below in the shared spaces. In an effort to bring some homemade style to her Ikea Expedit bookcase and make it stand out from, well, everyone else's house, she bought the clear plastic storage containers that fit it and painstakingly cut out squares of wallpaper to fit the front of them, not only hiding the contents, but doing so stylishly. She even did the holes! How good does it look? A+ for effort! I love all these ideas with wallpaper - doors, parts of walls, silhouettes, decoupage, canvases, bedheads, frames - it's such a simple way to bring pattern and colour into a space without overpowering the room. It's also cheaper, changeable and very cool. Holly at Decor8 recently blogged about a similar thing - that the trend seems to be partially covering a wall with wallpaper or framing it on there like a large artwork rather than doing an entire wall. Have you seen any other ideas? I'm all eyes and ears...


MissK said...

What a great idea,keep ugly things tidy but hiding them and making the bookcase look pretty,you could also add the box to every 2nd box and make it in checkerboard style

driftwood shack said...

Anything that means I can buy the stuff and not put in up on the walls is a top idea!

cstar said...

There is a gorgeous idea, although i don't agree with the fabric choice, at another blog by fabric co-owner of Michel Miller, Kathy Miller.

They have decorated the wall using fabric, and liquid starch!
It is a great blog - they do things so much bigger in the states!