Wednesday, 18 June 2008

and so it begins...

It's been a week since I've given birth to Layla (who, by the way, is still an angel and is getting more beautiful every day) and I've become all shopping obsessed again. This happened with Zak - my love for internet shopping in the weeks after he was born almost overtook my love for him. Oh ok it got nowhere close, but I did spend way too much time online when I probably should have been sleeping. And I've already started planning how I'd redecorate Zak's room to accomodate a girl and a boy when Layla eventually moves in with him. Much more challenging but much more fun, I think! Anyway, here's my new shopping list - so far. I can already cross the first two things off - they arrived this morning!

Giddy Giddy hair clip (I got it in red), $11.95, Baby's Got Style

Britt Design Ballerina Cuddle Booties, $32.95, Baby's Got Style

DwellBaby Pig Cushion, $59.95, Kidostore

Flensted Butterflies Mobile, $48, Kidostore

And now thanks (and also slight curses for making me spend more money!) to the following commenters who I snooped on, fell in love with their talent and will be buying from as soon as it's payday...

Leslie @ Onegirl
Is this the cutest little guy ever? It's called an Oobee. She says on her Etsy site: "What is an oobee, you ask? Is it a bear, a dear, a dog, a monkey? You decide, that's part of the fun. I like to think they're a little of each." I think give it antlers and it'd be a deer. This is her newest style - called "merle le well dressed oobee". Check out the skinny pants - very well-dressed indeed!

merle le well dressed oobee, onegirl

Rachel @ Grandy & Baa
I love little handmade touches to kids clothes - in fact, I just made something similar to these little shirts as gifts to a couple of friends who've just had babies (it's a baby boom!) - although nowhere near as good as these! This rhino is so cute - I'm going to get this in a bodysuit version. Love, love the fabrics.

Rosie Rhino Onesie, $US21, Grandy & Baa

Chantal @ Styled Baby
Not her own work, but Chantal alerted me to some great Etsy sellers on her cool site, Styled Baby, such as these adorable rattle toys. I think Layla will love them (although Zak will no doubt steal the ball - might have to get him one too!). Thanks also Chantal
for your sweet words about Layla and for this gorgeous gift guide - some great ideas for pressies for new mums.

Carnival Bloom - Large Jingle Bell Cloth Ball, $US12, AppleBlossomBaby

Zoo Creatures Teething Rattle - Mendhi Elephant, $US6,

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Danielle Melnyczenko said...

hahaha she's exploding pink and LOVING it. I'm loving these finds. Now, more baby pics please :P