Monday, 2 June 2008

July issue out now!

July 2008 issue is out today

Wow the months go quickly in magland - July is on the stands today, August will be put to bed next week, September content is filing into the office, October is being shot and we're talking about features for the summer issues and Christmas already. Scary! No wonder we get confused about what month we're in! Anyway, here is the current issue - filled with ways to decorate with recycled items, a home bar shopping guide, great kitchen and bathroom ideas, house tours and offices that don't look like offices, yummy food, gorgeous gardens... Pick it up, have a read and let us know what you think! And don't forget the website and Deb's blog for all the behind the scenes stuff.


Peachy Keen said...

Sorry to be a nerd, but god I love that magazine. I have FINALLY figured out when it comes out each month, which is a bonus! I am saving my purchase until Saturday, so I can curl up on the (freshly drycleaned!)sofa, with the knowledge of a long weekend ahead, with a cuppa made by my husband (he makes the best tea!) Looking forward to it already! And its only Monday!

decor8 said...
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Jennifer Ramos said...

Ok im jealous...looks great so far!

Jen Ramos
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