Friday, 27 June 2008

newsflash: real living is excellent

Winner of General Excellence for Home and Food

Us employees of the mag have thought it for some time - and we know a lot of our readers have too. And now it's official: real living is excellent! Last night, our little mag won the General Excellence Award for the Home and Food category at the Magazine Publisher's of Australia Magazine of the Year Awards. Yay for us! Sadly, we just missed out on Magazine of the Year, but no doubt we'll get there eventually. So congrats to the whole team and thanks to our loyal fan club of readers for whom we bust our butts every month to not disappoint! It's obviously paid off!


k-a-t-e said...

Yay congrats to my favourite mag and the RL team! ...Looking forward to having a lazy weekend reading the past two issues!

Amanda said...

Hi, I just found your blog via EB and was quite excited to find that you work for Real Living Mag. I've just bought my first copy of it last week, the one you have pictured and had decided that I love it compared to Notebook mag which I normally buy! We just moved into our first home so the mag is great, also, having our second bub in three weeks so will be decorating our baby's room asap. Just thought I'd say hi!

Belinda said...

Congrats! It's my fav Australian mag. It's always a treat to find the latest copy in my post box.

Peachy Keen said...

We already knew it was the best.CONGRATULATIONS!

alivicwil said...

I've just stumbled in via Matching Pegs.

Congrats on your new(ish) bub :)

Your blog is lovely.

And I adore Real Living! It's full of wonderful ideas - and, the best part, they're realistic! Affordable, sensible... as well as lovely!