Thursday, 12 February 2009

kitchen reno part 1

What I'm looking at right now. You should see the other side of the living room!

Am completely knackered, so not going to bore with all the details just yet, but let me update you in numbers and pictures...
Number of days without a kitchen: 8
Number of sandwiches eaten: 42
Number of arms incredibly sore from sanding and painting three times in one day: 2 (they would be mine)
Number of hiccups so far: 6
Most number of trips to the hardware store in one day: 6
Number of cabinets in place: 5
Number of cabinets to still be put into place: 10
Number of taps working: 0
Number of appliances working: 0
Number of holes in the wrong place the electician cut into the wall that was already sanded and painted? 2
Number of flies killed because the doors were open all day every day: 723. Wait. 724
Number of times we've fallen onto our butts because the floor is so damn slippery from all the swept up sawdust? Me: 2; Steve: 1; Z: 4
Number of days before my dad can come back and finish putting the kitchen in: 12 :(
Number of hours before we can get water and power on in the kitchen: oh god please let it be no more than 15!

Day 1: Looking better already!

The mouse's house (left) and grass growing inside the wall!!

Several floorboards had to be replaced. We nearly had this gaping hole overnight, but luckily the new floor was put in on time.

Day 2: Electrical and plumbing work

Day 5: new walls in and plastered and lights installed

Day 6: dad and his little helper putting together the cabinets. Funnily enough, that plastic hammer worked: teh nails actually went in!

Day 7: Pantry done. The other cabinets on that wall are not flush with the wall yet. Dad needs to come back and put the benchtop on. Am hoping the electrician can connect the oven and cooktop tomorrow. I'm tired of sandwiches and takeaway!

My temporary benchtop!! These are the offcuts from the other side's bench and the cut out from the sink hole!

And just because I don't have enough things in my life to keep me busy (!) I signed up to Twitter last week and actually spent longer than two minutes on it tonight working it out. I think I've got it. Here is where I'll be sending all those little quirks, annoyances or snippets of news too minor or time-consuming to blog about. And much excitement is the fact I can SMS the updates and they'll appear magically on my Twitter profile. How genius. Not sure how long I'll follow this fad (am really good at losing interest in things - Facebook? I only get on to look at friends photos now!), but for now, you can follow me at


Anonymous said...

I think you can put the twitter updater on your blog as a widget. I'm pretty sure...

Great post and OMG I'm glad I'm not you right now. You've definitely got yourself some elbow grease and how cute is Master Z with the plastic hammer :P

Kerry said...

Oh wow...this is really starting to look good! Isn't it amazing what putting up drywall and new lights will do to give you the hope to keep on going?

The Beautiful Soup said...

OMG what an epic job, i had no idea that's what a new kitchen involved!! but wow, it's starting to look amazing already!!

 Viv said...

I totally admire you tackling this job! The photos brought back memories (nightmares).

It is looking great. Can't wait to see it finished. I'm sure you can't wait either!

Fingers crossed for no more than the 6 hiccups you've already had.

Viv xx

Anonymous said...

Ha! Just found your blog and read this post to my partner. We haven't tackled the kitchen yet, but we can completely relate (especially that one about number of trips to the hardware store, and the one about the holes in the wrong place). Hang in there!

Danielle said...

I feel you pain. We thought our kitchen would be EASY. Boy how wrong were we. It will be worth it in the end. Goodluck xxx