Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Show us yer... room makeovers!

OK, so who has cool renovations pics they'd like to share? I'm starting a new section on the web - reader's rooms - and am looking for contributions. Basically, if you've renovated any part of your house, are thrilled to bits with the results, came up with some genius storage or decorating idea, found some awesome bargains or brilliant furniture/material etc, we want to know about it!
Think of it as a little perve inside real living reader's homes. Tell us what you've learnt, taken our advice on, ignored our advice on or just how you've improved your life and home simply by reworking a room.
Send your before and after pics to me at bgraham@acpmagazines.com.au and we'll sort through them and choose a few for the website.
Looking forward to virtually visiting you at home!


Peachy Keen said...

Love it! I have plenty of nasty before shots - I'll have to take some afters!

Looking forward to seeing everyone elses pics too - I love before and after shots!

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!!! Expect my email shortly :)