Saturday, 17 November 2007

my home "office"

Oooh, two posts in one day... am catching up for being so lazy these past few weeks! In my defence, I have been busy! OK, remember the odd space created by our new bathroom door being in the middle of the small corridor to the bathroom? Well, if not, check out one of the gazillion bathroom reno posts below. Anyway, I decided to make good use of the space and turn it into a little home office.

My home office - notice the website on my laptop?
My biggest challenge was finding a desk narrow enough to fit the whole 40cm I had to work with. I finally settled on a console table, shoved a linen cupboard in the corner (as we demolished ours to kit out the bathroom) and butted it up against it. I popped some floating shelves on the wall above (well, my father-in-law did, but I did help. A little.) - the top one in line with the linen cupboard for an extra-long shelf - and slapped up some cork tiles (with genius 3M removable tape) in a bit of a pattern around the shelves as my pinboard.
Now, I could have gone all magazine-stylisty on you and styled it up nice and proper as a mood board as every single magazine feature about home offices does. But I just took the shot as it is - bills, notes, pics, stamps, lotto tickets and all. After all, this is a REAL house, right? And I need my important dates and bills right in front of my eyes or I'll forget! Mind you, my desk is not always this neat - I quite often can't see any of the desktop when I'm in work mode...
Overall, I'm happy with my little office space! And it didn't cost me a bomb.

In case you're wondering...
Desk: $199, House & Garden
Shelves: $20, Big W
Cork tiles: $2 for packet of 6, The Reject Shop
Chair: $138, Matt Blatt


Anonymous said...

oh love it, great use of space. The console table is a great idea and how awesome are the cork board tiles. I've been really busy the last couple of daysm repainting all my 2nd hand furniture. If I get some good pics I'll submit them to the magazine. Oh and I loved your chair pic in the December magazine.

dani_luigi said...

Wow, I really love it. I have cork boards scattered everywhere around my desk their so useful.

cstar said...

I was wondering where you found the wonderful 3M removable tape! would perfect for allowing me to have notice board in very un-wall-hooked rental! Great idea!!!

belinda graham said...

Hi Cstar - 3m tape is available from Kmart and hardware stores. I got mine from Home HArdware but have def seen in Kmart (I practically live there...!) You can get it in a range of sizes - the photo frame ones might be best for heavier boards as they hold proper frames on the wall. You can get the refills instead of spending on the hooks as well! Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

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