Wednesday, 21 November 2007

I heart Kmart

Yes, I do. Some people have eBay obsessions, other's Space Furniture or Ikea. Mine is Kmart. Now, this is much more to do with necessity than adoration - there are very limited shops near my home within walking distance and seeing as I don't often have the car during the week, my shopping cravings have to be satisfied with Kmart. Or Best & Less. Or sometimes even The Reject Shop.
But honestly, there are some brilliant things to be found for all areas of your life - you might just have to look a little harder than, say, Domayne or Bayswiss. Just in case you don't believe me, I thought I'd share some of my fave finds in the past few months that have dressed up my home, my son and myself!

I love my white orchid which was just $25. I couldn't find a pot that was right, though, so I popped it in this duck-egg blue ceramic bowl by Living with Deborah Hutton, $19 for small or $25.50 for large. It looks so pretty against the chocolate brown feature wall.

I bought these zebra-print patterned canvas storage boxes to house a portion of my seemingly never-ending magazine collection. They came in a pack of two (the second is on the messy shelf at the bottom!) for about $20.

Perfect for my fave mags!

This little guy was a whole $3. I bought several to line the windowsill for Chrissy.

Meet my new beach bag! It was $30 and also comes in a pinkish metallic colour. Roomy, pretty and zebra-print again. I'm a tiny bit obsessed with this print in small doses. I almost bought a zebra-print rug for the living room, but chickened out. I don't think I'm that bold just yet. I do have an awesome baby sling in an orange zebra-print fabric though. Zak hated it, but I loved it. I hope the next baby likes it cause it's a rather expensive room decoration otherwise!

Now at the risk of sounding like Kmart are paying me to say this (for the record, they're not!), I'm begging you to check them out! They have great homewares stuff - the Living with Deborah Hutton range is particularly nice and their Homemaker brand has some great finds like vintage-inspired kitchen canisters and beautiful thick wooden chopping blocks. It's also great for blinds, kitchen appliances, sheets and towels - they do Egyptian cotton and 1000-thread count sheets, now. And the best thing about all this, besides the decent prices, is that half the time you only have to wait a few weeks for your fave item to go on sale!


dani_luigi said...
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dani_luigi said...

I'm glad to hear somebody else likes K-mart. I LOVE K-Mart, I think it's just getting better and better over the years and if you look a bit closer they have some really cool stuff to be found AND I also love K-mart because they have the biggest range of bonds clothes :P

oldflowers4me said...

i just love that your going to k mart- its great- have a great day-jo.