Friday, 7 December 2007

Things I learnt while decorating my Christmas tree yesterday...

Our rather bare, baby-proof tree

1. Babies and glass baubles don't get along. They smash easily and let's just say we're lucky there were no cuts, no blood, no tears.

2. Babies like to eat all Christmas decorations. So bye bye small beads, sharp, delicate objects and pretty much everything in my box.

3. Babies are obsessed by fairy lights whether they're on and twinkling or just minding their own business lazing about the tree sleeping. Considering removing this year...

4. Babies love helping you wrap gifts. By helping I mean crinkling your gift tags, chewing your ribbons and ripping the paper.

5. Babies in the house mean you're left to improvise. Starfish and shells filled gaps of green, and the limited non-breakable plastic and metal baubles were hung on the front of the tree only, leaving it with a bit of a bare bum.

6. Babies think shells are delicious. So my improvisation only works when they're out of reach.

7. Babies understand when their mums are being dorks and want to embarass them and so will refuse to cooperate when being photographed wearing a stupid hat.

8. Babies make Christmas a little more difficult but a LOT more fun.


Steve said...

That's my little man! Those women think they can just paint you in whatever they want, but while you're too small to kick up a major stink, you can still put up a little one! Love, Daddy

chloe said...

love this blog ! i 'got' every comment ;)

well done for your honesty and shame on you for making your son pose in a daft hat (i have loads of pics of my kids like that!)